Fashion forward and chic, MOSCOW is where the east and west meet! Where to eat in Moscow depends on your time, temperament and the tinsel in your pocket!

In this blog, let me show you the Places to Eat for the masses (bourgeouise) and the classes ( proletariat).

Pretend to be one or the other or both for a truly "mee"ningful time when on your dream trip to Moscow!

Stolovaya №57 – Food with a Soviet Attitude!

Look what Russan born blogger Yulia has to say about Stolovaya №57!

“It is a Soviet-style canteen on the third level of GUM, with all accompanying attributes like long line, fierce unsmiling serving staff, and mayo-filled salads. Perfect pit-stop for “pervoye, vtoroye and kompot” (“the soup, the main dish, and compote”) after a morning exploring Kremlin and Red Square.

GUM with its Monolo Blahnik and GUCCI shops may not be the shopping mall for all but a pit stop in this affordable restaurant with a Soviet ‘clean your own table’ attitude is a ‘not to miss’ one!

GUM Ice Cream

The GUM ice cream is The Ice Cream! It is the GOST standard ice cream. The GOST std. was a std of preparing Ice Cream set when Russia was part of the USSR! It was considered the gold standard and anything that is GOST certified has a high esteem in Russia today! Gum ice cream comes in decadent flavours such as crème brûlée, vanilla, and chocolate from Soviet times and the new flavours such as pistachio, cherry, and melon.

Tip: Do try the plombir an ice cream that tastes like rich sweetened cream

Teremok –Fast Russian Food

This is a fast food chain ideal for tourists. When time and money is limited and you are on the go. Don’t settle for a Mc Donald’s or a KFC of which there are aplenty.

Instead sample the ‘blini’, a pancake with many stuffing options, the most popular one being the caviar!

potato dumplings

Kroshka Kartoshka -Potatoes cooked in a thousand ways

Another popular fast food café which our vegetable loving Indians would love is the Kroshka Kartoshka meaning small potatoes. This place serves potatoes in all sizes and wrapped in cheese, baked with butter, fried with meat, mushrooms and as a salad. You can also eat traditional Russian food like pelmeni (dumplings) or vreniki (cheese bhujiya)

Café Pushkin- Where the ladies lunch!

Don’t be fooled by the Café in the name. Café Pushkin is a high end fine dine with a distinctly aristocratic vibe. A meal will set you off by INR 3000-4000 here and needs to be booked way in advance. However if you want some top end indulgence or want to bump into the odd oligarch this is probably a small to pay! The food here has excellent reviews as well so choose your food well and this could be one of those forever moments of your Russia tour.

Grand Café Dr. Zhivago- Eponymous to our ladies tour!

Last but not the least is the Grand Café Dr. Zhivago! Eponymous to our Dr.Zhivago- ladies only Russia tour, this one is located just a block away from Kremlin .This well reviewed and new restaurant needs at least a booking at least a week prior for a seat! Great ambience, fabulous views and great food. It is a Fine dine and serves mainly Russian food but has special diets on the menu like Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options as well Russian cuisine of course.

These are some lovely on the go and fine dine places that fascinated Mee Time.

Mee Time’s ladies only trip in June will allow time during your visit to a few of these with recommendations on what to try and their approximate pricing so that you can have a meeningful time in Moscow!

For more details on our Ladies only Russia Trip click this link

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