Travel Disclaimer Form

Dear Participant,
We request you to read the following disclaimer. Incase if you do not agree with it, please send your views  of disagreement by return mail. It is assumed if no reply is received and all details as required are filled below, you have agreed to all content thereof.

I am aware and fully understand the risks involved in wilderness camping/trekking/walking/ foreign travel and the precautions to be taken. I am aware and fully understand that I have to abide by and follow all the terms and conditions and the instructions –written and oral- given by the Tour Leader at all the times during the tour. I am aware and fully understand that I have to take care of myself and my belongings and be careful and responsible in that regard. In case of any injury, sickness, accident, death or any other casualty or loss of valuable/luggage, myself, my parents, my guardians, relatives and friends shall not hold    the organization, the tour leaders, any other staff, wholly or partially, either individually or jointly responsible. I am aware that only first aid is available on site and in case of any injury or sickness, I am ready to take medical treatment from doctor / attendant, if available on campsite and / or from the nearest available medical center / hospital. The expenses for the same and related transportation will be borne by me.
I have also read and accepted the following terms and conditions.


Thanks for submitting!