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'Must Sees' in Moscow- A shortlist of what to see in Moscow!

With gigantic buildings, towering onion domes, sky piercing spires and uniformed authority in plenty, Moscow is like the Legoland that our childhood dreams are made of!

Visiting Moscow as a traveller would be impossible on a 2 day itinerary without a shortlist from a fellow traveller and time strapped bucketlister!

In this blog, let me demystify Moscow with an easy short list of What to SEE, Where to EAT and What to DO in Moscow.This one is about the MUST SEE in Moscow.

To enjoy an wholesome Russia experience just for ladies do check out our Dr.Zhivago itinerary by clicking the links provided at the end of this blog.

where all the action happens, the square where the most famous wonders of moscow nestle
Red Square -Where the action all is!


The heart and soul of Russia, this Square is full of people and always has a festive vibe! From the Majestic to the metaphorical, just everything in Moscow runs around this Square!


That is a Department Store but huge and has to be seen to be believed! It is lit up on Christmas and during nights and makes the whole square look like a fairy tale! A long visit here is due coz a quick visit will not do!

The peopes palaces, underground metro, grand art in moscow
Moscow Underground Metro-Genius European Art accessible to All


A dream child of Joseph Stalin. He wanted every metro station to be decorated to resemble the "palaces of the people"!

Every station which looks like a museum has its own unique decoration, a theme and a fascinating story behind it.

Expect to find chandeliers, marble statues,and mosaics in museum proportions!

A must see with a knowledgeable guide who can bring out the true madness of the Communists!


Bolshoi Theatre (translated as The Big Theatre in Russian) is an iconic building that hosts both ballet and opera performances.

The standards of Russian ballet are known as one of the highest in the world! Tickets are very expensive but a 'Swan Lake' or 'The Nutcracker' ballets are worthy bucket list items for some and rightly so!

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Christ the Saviour is not as old as you might think. The original cathedral was demolished by Stalin’s order in 1931 and the new one was only rebuilt recently – in 2000. Even though it is not that old, it looks magnificent nevertheless.


Zaryadye is a newly opened, landscaped urban park. The park is also located in proximity to Red Square in a large area of 78,000 Sq. mtrs.

The entire territory of the park is divided into four climatic zones: forest, steppe, tundra, and floodplains, which is supposed to depict the variety of climate zones in Russia.

Enjoy breathtaking views to the Moscow Kremlin from the floating bridge, visit the Ice Cave, get in a 4D attraction called “Flight over Russia” and try some local food from the different regions of Russia! if you enjoyed reading this blog click on my to get the detailed itinerary with departure dates for Mee Time's 'only women' russia tour.

Mee Time's Russia's Tours will commence in 2021. For those wanting to travel after September do get in touch with Mee Time for where to go and how to plan your solo or friends or family holiday. We will be glad to assist.


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