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Trippin’ In Turkey

Trippin’ in Turkey is our special??women only tour?to Turkey, the land of mystery, magic and natural wonders. There is so much to discover beyond Istanbul….

Pamukkale is truly a very remarkable to visit the ancient ruins of Hieropolis and the Thermal pools aka Cotton Castle ! Mee Time makes sure that you visit this very naturally beautiful place, a suite of small and big natural pools, on a wonderful white stone (like a cotton flower,” pamukkale,” means cotton).

Dive in to the depths for a magical makeover; a must swim in Cleopatra’s pool, listening to the stories of lore from our local? guide. The thermal pools are travertines made up of white calcium terraces where you can bathe in the same waters?on our women only tours, in the same waters that Cleopatra?once swam ! These are waterfalls over? lime stones with water cascading from one cup shaped pools to another. Imagine giant steps made of white travertine stones on a mountain slope like a stairway to heaven.

Hierapolis is the remains of a Roman city that once stood at the top of Pamukkale, the view from the amphitheater over the plateau is a must.?The necropolis of the Roman ruins are very interesting and illustrate a lot about Roman life in the years of Anno Domini.

The first stop is at the House of the Virgin Mary, from there we take a tour of Ephesus and spend? hours touring the remains of Odeon, Temple of Hadrian, Roman Baths, the fountain of Trojan and the Celsius Library Theatre.

A tour of the Terrace Houses makes up for the entire tour– one room has tables filled with “puzzle pieces” where they’re trying to reassemble walls back to the original, also well preserved mosaics and frescoes. A drive to the Temple of Artemis gives you a view of the single column remaining of this ancient wonder of the world,?one of the?Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, so definitely a must-visit site !

Mee Time indulges you a delicious native Turkish lunch comprising of yoghurt, salad, rice and potatoes. Meatballs and chicken too. Get the know how silk is used to create thread from silk worms on?our women only tour?and watch women weave the famous Turkish carpets , all free form with only the pattern of their last carpets as a reminder of their design. Learn how to tell the authentic rugs from impostors. We bet you will be tempted to pick up a carpet or two!!

Drive and dive into the olive tree covered hills, to the village of Sirince with lots of shops and cafes treat you to Turkish sweetened black tea in one of the cafes with a beautiful view across the valley on our women only tour. For the more adventurous of you, try some of the local sweet wines and liquor.

Wake up to an unmistakably wonderful experience of a hot air ballon ride over Cappadocia. You only live once, so once in a lifetime expereinces like living in a cave hotel in Cappadocia and the hot air balloon rides over Cappadocia are truly something we cannot let you miss !

Is any visit to Cappadocia complete without a dash of Sufi mysticsm , Mee Time lets live a wonderful spiritual experience ?by taking you to Sarhuan , is an old caravan sarai, restored and converted into a center of Sufi mysticism, to gain insight into the ceremony of the Whirling Dervishes. This is not only a show for tourists, but a real contact with the sacred, made accessible by dervishes with their magnetic movements accompanied by soul-sound … both hands, while rotating, they face one up for draw from the cosmos beauty and health, the other down to give humanity the harmony so collected.

During the ritual, which takes place in absolute silence and respect, you will? feel grabbed and dragged into a state of serenity and understated joyfulness, into the world of Sufi Saint Rumi … really an experience!

One caveat—read up on it and you will get more out of the experience.

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