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Rhythm And Rhapsody In East Europe

Music has no boundaries and needs no translation. India is a vibrant country of a variety of music, dances and cultures and when we travel the heart yearns to seek the same enthralling experiences in a foreign land. Mee Time handcrafts trips to East Europe seeking a magical journey of dance and music, rhythm and rhapsody. We take you on a trail of both antiquity and contemporaneity exploring an extensive kaleidoscope of gorgeous locations through Czechoslovakia and Croatia in our East Europe tour packages.

Czechoslovakia: The Land of the Bohemian Crown

The Czechs are so steeped in tradition and for them if beer is the elixir of life then dance is the soul of life. Put on your dancing shoes like a Czech, indulge in a “garb & grab” by?adorning a Czech garb (Wallachian?folk costumes) and grabbing glasses of wine to dance away to glory.

We help you to unwind in the evening, as the city lights up around you illuminating imagination, weaving magic as you cruise on the Vltava on a? boat cruise. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Prague castle, sip the the golden Bavarian beer and sway to the music of the accordions.

We also take you to folklore village near the heart of old Prague where you can experience the unique drawing and serving of wine using a special pipette called ?ko?t??? (glass wine taster) and take an active part in learning the Czech songs, dances, and games. A traditional dinner awaits us after all that revelry!

Be intrigued by this unique asymmetric building called ?Dancing House? which is located in Prague, Czech Republic and was designed by Czech architect Vlado Miluni?i. It is rechristened as “Fred and Ginger Building” after the celebrated Dance Duo.?No visit to Prague is complete without visiting this controversial construction.

Croatia: “DOBRODO?LI U HRVATSKU” or “Welcome to Croatia”

Is the Game of Thrones, Croatia?s only claim to fame? We do have a Signature tour for the same for GOT fans. Off the beaten track, Mee Time explores the myriad of options this freshly unearthed country has to offer ?the pristine prussian blue waters, the Mediterranean terrain, and empirical legacy.

Truffle hunting: We offer you an enchanted experience unique to Istria, Croatia. The sniffer dogs take you on a truffle trail, your sense of sight and sound all perked up as you go hunting for this delicacy in sylvan surroundings. Polish off a feast after the hunt, a lunch consisting of cheese, Truffle honey, cookies and a hearty home cooked meal accompanied with Istrian wine.We have these special tours in autumn in our East Europe tour packages.

Mee tours also take you to the island of Korcula on our East Europe tour packages?where you can plug into the myriad of rhythm of the Moreska dance. You could get a slice! (No pun intended) of the local culture watching the waving of the real swords, the element of danger revs up the excitement and entertainment quotient as it gets faster and faster.

In Dubrovnik, let your hair down with a Lindo (Dubrovnik special) dance with an acapella female singing group.Lin?o is today a vital and indispensable part of Dubrovnik, as the generations proudly carry forth the traditions and is the proud bearer of the nickname ?The Good Spirit of the City?.

A visit to Konavle region completes our tour so that we can enjoy an afternoon of folklore in Cilipi.The circle dance (Kolo) is a Croatian folk dance is a tool for courting ,women and men sing jocular verses keeping each other entertained.Dance can help form deep connections across cultures as you experience the Croatian style of village life and indulge in harmless Croatian flirting.

We only live once, there is no stopping you for anything on Mee tours, so lets do it all…sing, dance and?pirouette around the globe in those dancing shoes and “Dance with Mee “on our girlie getaways!

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