East  Europe

East European countries, the hidden gems of Europe,are now highly coveted destinations for women only trips because of all the amazing things they have to offer.If you are looking for excitement, safety and a ‘different’ Europe, where there is the charming reminiscence of past socialist times with modern twists, join Mee on these tours!

These countries differ from from the Western European countries because they were ruled by the Communists and their progress has been at variance until 1990 after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Nevertheless, each country is so unique in its art, history,culture and cuisine,that our East Europe tour packages unlock the door to a magical world that awaits beyond for our special ladies ! These are certainly some off the beaten track experiences for you to come and enjoy with us on our handcrafted and escorted trips.

Currently we have handcrafted women-only special East Europe tour packages to the following countries

  1. Croatia
  2. Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic
  3. Georgia

Explore unique itenaries of each region and pick your favourite !

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Georgia, Unexplored Europe! - Tour

Georgia, Unexplored Europe!

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
  • Tbilisi, Tbilisi
₹ 46,000View Details
White Christmas -PRAGUE VIENNA BUDAPEST - Tour


  • 6 Nights 7 Days
₹ 40,000View Details
Slovenia - Croatia - Tour

Slovenia - Croatia

  • 6 Nights 7 Days
₹ 67,000View Details

We especially focus on a traditional folklore experience in these countries on all our East Europe tour packages ,because you will be swept  away with the spirit of show .Be enthralled by the musical traditions of these lands, the lively dance and costumes and the unmistakable energy that the dancers exude ! And not to miss the scrumptious dinner  that follows as well !

Our local guides will take you to fascinating places and unravel tales of a bygone majestic era on all our East Europe tour packages.Many UNESCO world heritage sights to behold here. Eastern Europe also is home to the most historic winemaking traditions in the world, unique to every region,expecially the Danube valley and Georgia and we will take you to these heritage vineries for the experience of a connosieur of  the veritable treasure chest of wines !

Shopping experience can be more friendly to the pocket here, so fill up those suitcases to your hearts content , my ladies !

Most of the cities have a well-preserved medevial feel to it,yet have alluring café-lined streets and modern nightlife experiences with unmatched fervour.So everything a traveler would want is taken care of in our East Europe tour packages.  

In some sources, Eastern Europe is bordered by the Caucasus Mountains on the south and so Transcaucasian countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia are also included.


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