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Quirky Museums Of Amsterdam

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or the others crazy? ?

Albert Einstein.If you have ever felt like everyone in this world is crazy but you, maybe it?s the other way around.

This sweeping thought resonates when Mee Time Handcrafted Holidays takes you on its Amsterdam tour packages from Mumbai and one of the must do?s on the itinerary is a visit to the many of the quirky museums.

Venustempel? Sex Museumand one of the must do?s on the itinerary is a visit to the many of the quirky museums.We begin our quirky tour with a visit to the world’s first and oldest sex museum, the “Venustempel” in Amsterdam The book, ?Fifty Shades Of Grey? and its movie versions have made discussing sex easier and no longer taboo even in a conservative country like India, ironically which is the land of the Kamasutra. The entry price of five Euros makes it a value for money visit and does not rip of your pockets. What can you expect there which counts as erotic Art?The giant erect penis (phallus) modeled after the Pillsbury dough boy from the movie, Ghost Busters, and a Marilyn Monroe in her billowing white skirt are must see.

The little statues of a thousand and one sex positions are reminiscent of our Khajuraho Temples. The bums adorning the stairway were hysterical; if you go near them they fart in your face.Banking on the popularity of Amsterdam?s Red Light area, we fully recommend that one full hour ?in your face? humor, retro photographs, multidimensional art, hilarious animatronic flashers, prostitutes. So go for that good laugh, peruse some tasteful vintage nudes and get Instagram ready all for 5?!It?s a bit of tongue and cheek fun and definitely worth the price!Beware: LOTS of stairs!? Mind the steep stairs especially if you are suffering from vertigo or your legs are not compliant.

The Museum of Bags and Purses – an unexpected find on Herengracht.On the bucket list of every fashionista is a trip to the Bags museum, the bags are organized by time periods (the oldest dates from 15th century) which make the newer styles so much more fascinating to see and you can?t help but fall in love with the steamer trunks on display! You can ogle at Hilary Clinton?s cat like purse, you can?t for sure miss one belonging to Liz Taylor and the best of is the one belonging to Maggie aka Margaret Thatcher!Coin purses, ball notebooks, hip purses to today?s ladies couture ladies bags- you ask it, they have curated all. The guys who are accompanying you can chill out in the Three Sisters pub with a pint of beer and indulging in some TV sport.You can enjoy an afternoon tea experience in the beautiful cafeteria, which is housed in the same building, overlooking the canal.

The KattenkabinetThe cat memorabilia and the real cats can make a day for any cat lover. The ornate and historic house which has cat themed art work is located inside a real canal house. Other delights include the restored fresco on the second floor ceiling, the bit sized restroom on the second floor with a quirky Lois Vuitton portable litter box that once belonged to J.P Morgan aka a ginger cat named John Pierpont Morgan (1966-1983). This special cat was the stubborn, headstrong companion of the museum’s founder, Bob Meijer.A cat-themed pin-ball machine is the highlight of the visit.Indulge in some interesting posters which are for sale in the gift shop which make up for an interesting gift for friends back home. Take some time out and leave a note on the little sideboard in one of the rooms that’s full of little drawings and notes that visitors have left behind.

National Museum of SpectaclesLocated in a building dating back to 1620, this museum traces 700 years of eyewear history. The first floor is a shop selling glasses dating back 100 years. The top three floors house the collection. The display cases are loaded with glasses of all shapes and sizes – from Shubert’s, to Dame Edna’s, along with documentation.Indulge in deadstock vintage!Here?s our pick of the weirdest and most wonderful off-the-beaten-path museums, Amsterdam has many, many more in the offing.

MeeTime Holidays sets you free to fill your cup from Amsterdam?s overflowing urn!

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