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Iceland beyond the Northern lights -The Golden Circle Day Tour

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

A volcanic island full of arctic glaciers and lava spewing volcanoes! With its waterfalls that freeze over, geysirs that spew steam and thermal hot spots that could cook your enemy, your food or give you sauna nirvana in a single day, Iceland is a not a bucket-list item! It is a separate Bucket by itself!

Don't believe Mee?

Let me take you on Mee Time Iceland's #DayTrip around the #GoldenCircle! And you decide for youurself!

The trip begins at Þingvellir ( call it Thingvellir coz 'Þ' is 'th') National Park, a historic valley where Viking lords used to gather to declare laws and settle feuds, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where Althing, the World’s first true parliament was established in 930 AD. This Park is still an active geological hot spot has weird geology and includes

1. A canyon OR Rift Valley formed here in between two distinct tectonic plates- the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate! Called the Great Continental Drift a canyon is formed between these two which widens by a astonishing 1 cm every year!

Þingvallarvatn lake

2. Þingvallarvatn is Iceland´s largest natural lake and has mineral rich lava leaching into it and the roaring steam jets in the backdrop seem to be bebeckoning you for a stunning selfie!

3. Öxárarfoss is a 20-meter high waterfall created by the Oxara river. It falls into a pool also used as a drowning pool for, not surprisingly, women as a punishment for adultery and infanticide.However this was in the middle ages and it's a safe picnic spot now! 😄

P.S: Þingvellir (Þ is Th) and the Great Rift Valley of Eastern Africa are the only sites on Earth where the effects of two major plates drifting apart can be observed.

4. Next stop is at a unique Geothermal Bakery where we witness bread being baked in the ground using the heat from thermal hot-springs. Of course we get to taste the bread! The #lavabread is not just bread dough dumped into the earth and removed after its heated! There is a strict bread recipe followed for centuries to make a delicious rye baking hot bread!

I will put up this #lavabread recipe for the #curiouscats on my #instagrams @meetimehols feed

5. We continue to Gulfoss Waterfalls or Golden Falls which are without a doubt Iceland’s most pretty and popular waterfalls. Located in the south iceland the water in Hvítá river travels from the glacier Langjökull, before cascading 32 meters (105 feet) down Gullfoss’ two stages in a dramatic display of nature’s raw power.

You tube video for Drone Show of Iceland and Strokkur

Next stop Strokkur geyser – this consistent geysers spews hot water as high as 65 feet every 4-6 minutes! There are bigger geysers in iceland but this one has put on a really reliable gig for over a years and made it a must see for Golden circle geeks! There is also a resto, a gift shop, hotel opposite this geothermal area making it a good pit stop.

Finally, we stop at the Kerið Volcanic Crater Lake located in the Grímsnes area in south Iceland. A sapphire coloured oval caldera surounded by bright red active soil makes Kerid a handsome old boy. It is believed a conical volcano (like Mt.Fuji) erupted and its lava doubled on itself to create this beauty. Eventually water seeped into this crater.Nobody is sure though because this event took place about 3000 years ago and no one was really there to confirm!

With this i end my virtual tour of Iceland. To kick the real tour off your Bucket list join Mee Time Holidays (www.meetime.in) during Summers and Winters (because Iceland is two separate countries depending on when you visit). The Winter itinerary has a daily bonus chase of the Northern Lights too! Click

the link below to check itinerary and Call for Dates and extra details http://bit.ly/3b6PMXK

Stay Healthy & Happy Mee Time to you😀

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