Holland In Spring

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also” Harriet Ann Jacobs

Revive is the very essence our?Amsterdam?packages from Mumbai.Nothing spells spring like a pilgrimage to Keukenhof, a surreal tulip blossom festival that has attracted visitors and cinematographers for decades.

Is Keukenhof merely a spring garden?

Undoubtedly, it is the most beautiful nature?s canvas, with hues of red, yellow, pinks and lavender, Mee Time takes you not only through the gardens but also through the iconic fields lie which lie at a distance of around 1-2 kilometers from the main gate of the Keukenhof gardens and the Flower fields through the world famous ?Bollenstreek? or ?Bloemenroute? (flower route) of Holland .

Highlight: Don?t miss the dazzling 2700 sq ft tulip mosaic of Vincent Van Gogh?s face made every year during this period!!

Armed with unlimited memory on your cameras and phones, take in the beauty of the place and store it in your memory bytes which include the windmill, the map of Netherlands made from Tulips, the humongous floral designs near the lake made with the smaller tulips.

To round it off, indulge in the Dutch waffles called stroop waffles basically Dutch pastries made from two thin waffles and filled with caramels and sugar. On our?Amsterdam?packages from Mumbai?Mee Time arranges some special treats for you and Mee and of course shopping trips to take home some Dutch memoirs , the typically blue porcelain ones?

In the afternoon we stroll through the former fishing village Zaanse Schans, for a taste of old Holland which talks of the 4Cs at one go Cheese, Chocolate, Clogs, Clocks? and of course how can we forget the 5 working windmills.

Watch the cobbler /clog maker- ?klompe? make a pair of wooden shoes, rummage through wall after wall of the wooden shoes with different designs, with more inventory in the loft , also try your hand at making it and get your name inscribed on your takeaway. On our Mee time?Amsterdam?packages from Mumbai?we then take you to visit the the windmills, some of which are centuries old and all are located on the left bank of the Zaan.

Each windmill has a story and a specialization as this area was an Industrial incubator back in the 17th . century. Some of them are working and there is one which still makes paint powder to mark off athletic fields and it is said that DaVinci purchased his paints here. Climb up the ladder for a fantastic view of the rustic countryside.

An enchanting clockworks museum is the first place to see, preceded by a neat Italian garden; then the cottages of wealthy merchants of old, with tiny, spotless Italian and French gardens. The original first Albert Heijn drugstore shop is also here, seed of today’s retail giants A.H. and Ahold.

A truly fascinating blast from the past, on our?Amsterdam?packages from Mumbai is the?visit to Zaanse Schans is like being transported back in time. The cobbled stone streets, a couple of quaint cafes , include watching some very graceful dancing; a small group of women laundering in the open air;? listen to a choir of men and women singing hymns and other songs;? small group of musicians playing and singing old-time songs;- an absolutely soul stirring experience with a breathtaking view, transporting you back into time.

Memories of this day will be etched in your hear forever !

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