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Georgia: A Colorful Palette

If the earth is a canvas?and God is the artist he picked up the brush and palette and painted Georgia in all colors imaginable. Mee Time has women’s special tours?handpicked to delight women with all that Georgia has to offer…. for the culture lover, adventure seeker, historian, the foodie and the clubber, thanks to its prominent nightlife.The Georgian people consider guests to be “gifts from God”..Do you need another reason to get packing and join us to experience the warmth of their hospitality and joie de vivre ?

A country that straddles Europe and Asia, cradles the mighty Caucasian mountains and separated from?from the Soviet Union in April 1991 has a lot to excitement to offer to travelers today who wish to unravel its mysteries. When we visit such a country that has immense pride in its history and traditions, our?women’s special tours?are conducted entirely by local guides who will give you a taste of that unique flavour and culture, so read on to discover more.

History on the go at Rustaveli avenue, Tbilisi as our local guides lead you there. We take a walking tour because we believe that traipsing down the picturesque warren of cobblestone alleys is really the best way to get a feel of the Old Town. Freedom Square boasts of a plethora of cafes and restaurants some serving Georgian fare, the Opera & ballet Theatre, the Georgian National Museum, the National Gallery, the Parliament house and the Kashveti Church. If you are lucky you can be privy to a Georgian wedding. The subway offers silver jewellery and souvenirs at a good bargain.

In the evening we take you to enjoy a traditional meal and dance.Discover Georgian cuisine with us as we break off chunks of the Georgian bread or Khachapuri and dip into its centre filled puddle of cheese. Their food is a blend of the West and the East, with a subtle impact of the culinary ideas from the merchant and traders that passed by over the centuries as well. Slurp on some?soupy dumplings called khinkali and experience the words of the?Russian poet Alexander Pushkin who asserted that “every Georgian dish is a poem.”

Georgian dance?is a celebration of life and it?s rich and diverse culture, dance gracefully the Suliko – a women?s dance with water jugs (kokebi) ? the women go to the stream to collect and carry water. Enjoy the other mountain dances -?Khevsuruli?,?Mtiuluri as well as we make it a night to remember.

Rise and shine the next morning as we take you on a tour to trace the history of wine making, a viticulture tour of Kakheti region, where it all began way back in to 8000 B.C. The picturesque valley enchants the soul and its mineral rich alluvial soil of the Caucasian mountains is so perfect for growing a variety of grapes. We visit these vineyards and listen to the ancient winemaking stories from the locals. During the Neolithic age, special pots called kvevris were made and lined with bees wax so they could be used to bury the grape juice. We explore the 7.7km long Kvareli tunnel that is ?used to store wine as well (it’s not the longest in the world though, that’s in Moldova).

Enjoy a sumptious meal made from the fresh local produce with some wine, thats really the speciality of our our?women’s special tours?as we handcraft some unique gastronomic journeys. For those with a really big appetite, tell us in advance so we ensure you don’t miss the??Supra? or the traditional and extravagant Georgian feast on special occasions.

Heady with some robust Georgian wine, we head to romantic town of Sighnaghi. The locals consider it to be prettier than Verona, city of the?timeless love of Romeo and Juliet! Love is in the air as?couples from far and near come here to get married at The Sighnaghi Wedding House which is open 24/7 !!!

There are many churches and monasteries to explore here or spend a leisurely afternoon shopping in the local handicraft market.?Discover more colors as the sun sets over the magical city and we return to Tbilisi to rejuvenate in a special spa after an eventful day.

Truly Georgia represents all the colors of the rainbow embedded together and once you visit you will surely want to come back again for more….

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