A Ginger-Ale a Day, Keeps 'THE' Virus( hopefully) at Bay..

'The' Virus is on every one's mind and Thanks to our chinky eyed neighbours, every one's life was just altered forever!

Though I make no unfounded claims here .. I know you have lots of #Meetime which you would rather spend in doing rather than in undoing, in creating rather than destroying, in building rather than in breaking, in love rather than hate, in hope rather in despair ... this is 'the' most precious time of your life....

Use it well and use it for wellness of body and mind.....

And While at it.. enjoy a Quick and Easy and Good for Cold Viruses Recipe


· 2 inch piece of fresh ginger juiced or grated (use only 1 inch if you do not want such a strong ginger flavor)

· 8 ounces OR 230 ml arund a cup of soda

· 1/2 lemon juiced or squeezed

· 1 tbsp honey

Juicing Method:

First you need to juice the ginger and lemon. Then, mix well well with the soda, and honey.

Blending Method: Grate the ginger and squeeze 1/2 lemon. Then blend all the ingredients together and pour through a fine strainer.

Drink it up and Enjoy!

VARIANTS that UP the Coolness Co-efficient!


Add a ¼ inch of fresh turmeric, we call it ambe haldi, it’s a superfood and tangy to taste! Turmeric is our old Indian antibiotic and mother of all home remedies and “Ambe halad” or fresh turmeric is the father of turmeric! So what more do you need!


Add some freshly ground pepper and make it more healing and clear your congestion, if any! Will also give you that pepper kick!


Mee Time Tip from a yummy(hope floats) mummy!

Ask your kids to prepare the drink and enjoy together!

My son, kabir(11 yrs) loves to make fresh lemon soda and as long as I don’t divulge any health benefits is happy to stir up the ginger-ale as well!

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