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The Magic of Monet

Mee Time has some truly unique experiences in France in store for you on their Europe tour packages?…. where we take you to the? French countryside to visit the renowned artist Monet?s house and garden in Giverny. Relive the dreams and memoirs as you tread the same paths that inspired the esteemed painter Monet and his priceless works.

The picturesque ride through the French country side is bound to take your breath away?The town of Giverny and the visit to Monet?s garden is the closest possible experience to bring a magical Monet painting to life. So ladies, for those of you who have an artistic bend, bring out the artist in you, set out into nature and dwell on the scenes that catch your eye. Maybe even make a sketch or two.

I need flowers, always flowers, even flowers to pick? so that I can paint them on rainy days? Claude Monet.

Our visit to the gorgeously preserved house and gardens where the famous painter who lived for over 40 long years gives you a special insight into the artistic flair of Monet through the use of colour and texture throughout the span of the house and the gardens. The house is modest by today’s standards but was considered a mansion in the late 19th century. The decor of the house is as it was when he lived there. The house is beautifully preserved and the views from Monet’s bedroom overlooking the gardens cannot be expressed in words. The beautiful cottage also houses replicas of Monet?s famous paintings, which are as good as the originals.

Whether you are a lover of Monet’s work or you just an want to experience good things in life, you must join us on day trip from Paris on our?Europe tour packages. As you are taking a stroll in the Zen (Japanese) garden, past the famous Green Bridge ? you come to the pretty, pastel pink house with its spring green shutters, the ivy crawling up every surface. The gardens breathe life into an artist?s painting with the water lilies, weeping willows, the wisterias with the famous green Japanese bridge.

Magique Jardin!!

There are two gardens one immediately at the rear of the house ? the rose garden ? where the vibrant colours will leave you mesmerised and the lily pond which is like a mirror and the reflections of the trees are just as Monet had painted on his canvas all those years ago. It’s so picturesque to see the rowing boats, the weeping willows, the water lilies, and the bridge you could be stepping into the painting.?An uncrowded day offers you an opportunity to rest yourself one of the many benches for some “Mee Time” and soak up the ambience. We guarantee you that you will be blown away with the alluring charm of the garden, and the magical aura of the garden will draw you back for maybe another trip.

The interior of the house is just as interesting and captivating as its surroundings. The third and the largest studio where Monet painted his ‘Grand Decorations’ is now a gift shop. You can still feel the atmosphere and light he was striving for to paint his final masterpieces. After visiting Monet’s cottage, you have to go to the Musee D’Orsay and Musee de L’Orangerie in Paris to see the impressionist exhibition there. A truly complimentary experience which has to be?absorbed and taken in even if you not an art lover.

Mesmerised by the scenic vistas; explore the entire village – it really is hard to imagine a more idyllic trail. The walk down Rue Claude Monet is beautiful too as we take a walk up to the small church to see the grave and then have a bite to eat in one of the numerous little cafes. There is a special restaurant with a courtyard located just a few meters away. Enjoy your soup, baguette, wine or sorbet at La Capucine, as you soak in the resplendent beauty of nature while enjoying a laid back meal. We do promise you such unforgettable local experiences on all our?Europe tour packages.

So girls we strongly recommend two things 1. Don?t miss this trip. 2. Try to have a good hair day, for you will want to be in all those pictures (and selfies too).

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