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How to visit Greece via Hollywood during lockdown!

I have shared a list of my 5 All time favourite 'shot in Greece' movies ..

Sip an Ouzo or Greek Wine, persuade some good company or go it solo and enjoy the magic of the movies! The joy of virtual travel on an all expenses paid mind trip to Greece is calling .... read on ..and click away


Genre : Musical

This movie was roasted like a tandoori when it came out! No plot, no climax, no storyline, bad singing…. Blah blah blah … said the Guardian and all followed suit …… All TRUE, of course

BUT it had 2 redeeming graces going for it BIG TIME

1. The maddeningly melodious music of Swede group 'ABBA' on which this cheesy musical is based

2. And Meryl Streep

And in 2008 it became the most successful movie musical of all time, not to mention the fastest-selling UK DVD on its release.

All of Mamma Mia’s outdoor shoots were in Greece and all of its interiors were in a UK studio!

I will not give away the story ..coz there isn't much of it anyway .. But watch the Movie for its beautiful locations and its classic ABBA music!

Sophie and her fiancé Sky romp in the surf while singing ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ here on Kastani beach. This is a sandy beach on Skopelos Island where much of the filming was done!

The venue for Sophies’ wedding itself is the astonishing Agios Ioannis chapel, one of an estimated 360 places of worship on this modestly sized island .The chapel sits atop a 100-metre rock close to the town of Glossa, in Skopelos, and has the 202 steps we see on screen, when our screen goddess screams “The Winner takes it All”

To listen to ALL Mamma Mia songs!

Click this link below


Genre: James Bond Thriller

Sir Roger Moore….. As James Bond … Need I say more?

Dramatic boat blow up on Corfu Island followed by a rappell down the clif hanger of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Meteora.. Greece is generously dished out "For your Eyes" only along with all the Hollywood masala only a James Bond movie can offer!

Chill with a Vodka Martini 'stirred not shaken' of course and persuade your GF/BF or even better your Ex to join in and Watch bindaas!

Watch the film on you Amazon prime or Rightclick for the Youtube link here


Genre: Classic War Film

The film is based on the novel by the same namewhich was inspired by the WWII Battle of Leros. In the film the Germans have placed massive superguns on the (fictional) island of Navarone in the Aegean. An allied team of Brits and Greeks is assembled with the aim of infiltrating the island and destroying the guns.

A cult classic and an absolute MUST SEE

Navarone is the Island of Rhodes in Greece

Watch a Youtube Trailer here


Genre: Drama

Starring Anthony Quinn, no less, and winner of 3 Oscar awards, this 1964 movie is set in Crete Island, Greece !

An English writer arrives in Crete to examine his father’s abandoned mine. He meets an incorrigible Greek hotel owner Zorba and both their lives transform.

A must watch Cult classic! Enjoy the Zorba dance

Filmed on Crete Islands' Stavros Bay, this is a B/W film directed by Michael Cacoyannis, a director from Cyprus

To watch the popular GREEK DANCE now called ZORBA DANCE



GENRE : Romance

Phaedra (Sophia Loren), a poor sponge diver from Hydra Island one day discovers an ancient sculpture of a boy on a dolphin that is said to have magical powers. So with the hope of making some money from it, she heads to Athens to find theAmerican archaeologist James Calderwho she ends up developing feelings for. While the American wants to do the right thing and hand it over to the authorities, he faces competition fromVictor Parmalee, an unscrupulous art dealer.

Listen to the very famous Sophia Loren number “What is that which is called love” which is famous as a Grek love song to this day!

With this Top 5 LIST of my personal favourites, i hope you will Travel to Greece Virtually with no visa, air ticket and have the time of your life free, free, free!

If you liked this compilation and would like more blogs on the food, movies, clothes, people and architecture of any particular country , please write to Mee and I will try to work on it!

To visit Greece with Mee Time click my ladies only group departure trip THE GREEK GODDESS or Call Mee to handcraft a trip just for you!

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