Women Only Tours

“You don’t need magic to disappear. All you need is a Destination.”

Break yourself free from the self-imposed shackles of children clamoring for attention, partner’s preferences, and high-pressure work demands and discover the magic cosmos of travel. We at MeeTime, Handcrafted Holidays have a bird’s eye view of the macrocosm of travel- Specialized Tours for Women.

Thanks to our genetic makeup we humans are wired for movement, this gives rise to a wanton desire to explore, experience every inch of this universe in its totality. We as women want to linger a moment longer, ponder over the antecedents of a historical place/monument; archive its saga in our brains.

 We at MeeTime, do exactly that with our specialized tours for women, give that extra moment in time to absorb the ethos of a culture, heritage. We arrange for knowledgeable guides who answer every question, reiterate every piece of information to your satisfaction; helping you to absorb the cultural intricacies of the Ruins of Pompeii, the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican instead of the boring humdrum of an audio guide. Linger a moment longer at majestic ruins of bygone civilizations in Petra and Madaba in Jordan, learn about batik techniques and weaving in Bali- savour that extra MeeTime our specialized tours for women offer.

Indulge in shopping to your heart’s content for that ceramic pottery you always coveted for that empty niche in your bedroom, the linen stole you always wanted to pair with your strappy psychedelic gown, that hand-woven shawl you wanted to gift your mother in law to flaunt at her monthly soirees. Shop till you drop as there is nothing or rather no one to stop you on a specially handcrafted MeeTime Women’s Holiday.

Travel gives you sense of purpose, most of us are living cookie cutter lives, shuffling from home to office and office to home, meeting deadlines, submitting those weekly, monthly, quarterly reports, attending to kids in between. The grocery list, the dentist appointment for your child’s braces takes priority, barely leaving time for that much-needed manicure before that important client presentation, pampering yourself at the spa as unthinkable as reaching out for the moons and stars. Does this leave any time to meet your girl gang, catch up with friends over endless cups of coffee, invite your gal pals for a sleepover or a slumber party, drink yourself silly with a bosom pal over a lost deal?

We at MeeTime align the stars and give you that special deal with our specialized tours for women. We would like you to pamper your senses with luxurious spa experiences at the geothermal spa of the Blue Lagoon, Iceland or thermal baths of Budapest.These ultimate rejuvenation therapies at the end of our specialized European tours and packages for women are exactly what the doctor ordered for your aching limbs and frayed nerves.

Indulge in some wine tasting in the vineyards of Tuscany, Georgia or South Africa over mindless gossip and chatter. Enjoy the nightlife with your girl gang at Seminyak in Bali, Dubrovnik in Croatia, or Santorini in Greeceas the sun sets over the coastline and night springs to life. There are standalone entertainment avenues, if you get lucky there might be an International band or famous DJs belting out the latest hits; all this available only in a specially handcrafted ladies special holiday at MeeTime.

 You get that rush of adrenaline, a “Zindagi Na Milegi dobarra “feeling, seeing the pictures of thrilling adventure activities like trekking, rock climbing, canoeing, eagle feeding, river crossing, paragliding. These clicks are a huge motivator as you want to experience that rush, which you cannot get in the confines of your home. We at MeeTime ensure that you get the right dose of adrenaline, get your pulse racing with water sports which include banana boat at Tanjung Benoa, full day white water rafting in Bali in the august company of like-minded women. Whale watching in South Africa or New Zealand and more such once in alifetime experiences are awaiting you on our women only tours.The odyssey to unexplored virgin beaches, exquisite food joints, enjoying meals over peals of uncontrolled laughter, the lively nightlife makes traveling solo or with your girl gang in a specially designed women’s only tour, a completely exciting package.

 A women’s only holiday with MeeTime gives you a chance to feel like a free spirit, traverse the bounties of Nature, meet and converse with interesting and likeminded people, curate memories and etch them in your heart for a lifetime. It is rightly said that “Some memories are realities and are better than anything that can happen again“. The handpicked destinations, the eclectic company of gal pals, the camaraderie of like-minded women where you can converse anything from makeup to Mars, the choicest of hotels at the best of prices ensure a fun-filled stress-free experience. Revitalize your soul, consummate your smallest desires in the company of women, who don’t judge you, compete with you, only immerse with you to enjoy the entirety of the moment. The memories you create will give you a chance to create new “remember when “conversations with your already existing or newly formed soul sisters (group of friends.)

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