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Relive Your Hollywood Dreams In Europe

Hollywood has painted enchanting pictures of various European towns and cities in your living room through the most eye-catching cinematography. Hasn’t watching all these movies left you with an aching desire to see all of that gorgeous architecture, the kaleidoscopic landscapes through the your eyes too someday?

A Mee Time international tour package aims to bring these places alive as we handcraft our tours to seek out the characters and locations from your all time favourite movies.

Do-re-mi …every girls dream in Austria!

Didn’t you always want to sing ” I am sixteen, going on seventeen” in a pretty pink dress ..or melt away at the dreamy gaze of a handsome Baron strumming “Edelweiss” ….well at Mee time , we believe all those dreams should be lived and cherished on your holiday.

Follow the Sound of Music trail with Maria (Julie Andrews) as she twirls and splashes along with the seven children along the medieval streets, past the fine old Bavarian architecture, near the village of Markt Schellenberg, the Residenplatz in Salzburg,Austria. Can we forget to take you on a stroll in the famous Mirabell Gardens, for the climax of the ?Do-Re-Mi? sequence? Climb every mountain, ford every stream, flow every rainbow if you wish with Mee on our international tour packages from Mumbai to Austria !

Je t’aime Paris !

Return to Am?lie Poulains’ Paris, a movie thats ?a quirky tale of a young Parisian woman, played by Audrey Tautou. The director wears rose tinted glasses as he follows the heroine through the meandering streets of Montmartre.

Experience d?j? vu as you picturise Amelie skipping stones in the green water of the Canal Saint-Martin,visit the picturesque caf? Des Deux Moulins(Two Windmills Caf?) where Amelie worked, get a similar bird?s eyes view of Paris if you climb the 225 steps to the top of the?Basilique du Sacr? Coeur (Sacred Heart Basilica).

Fashion and Paris are synonymous; a trip to Paris is always on the cards for the fashion conscious woman in you. Follow Andy (Anne Hathway) in the ?Devil Wears Prada? on her fashion trail, visit Avenue Montaigne, and visit Place de la Concorde where Andy has her moment of epiphany and disposes of her phone in the Tritan and nymph fountains. Shopping nirvana is always included on all our international tour packages from Mumbai.

Goditi la vita ? Enjoy your life Italian style

Follow Elizabeth Gilbert?s gastronomic trail in the ?Eat Pray Love? movies first part, through Rome?s Jewish ghetto, Tiber island, Campo de? Fiori?,with its outdoor food market full of life- the Piazza Novona, soak in the antiquity with the Four Rivers Fountain, the 2009 year old dome at the Pantheon, Sant?Angelo Castle, the beautiful square of?Piazza del Popolo?and the peaceful Borghese Gardens. Devour the?Italian gelato, Roman street food and traditional dishes like?spaghetti cacio e pepe.

The Trastevere neighbourhood in Rome allows you an Italian culinary experience in one of the charming Trattorias, discovering the Italian style slowly, relishing every bite of food. And yes we can’t all claim that “I?am having a relationship with my pizza? until we have tasted the authentic Napolitano pizza in Napoli !

The Tuscan trail comes alive with our trips to towns in Tuscany, Diane Lane style in the 2003 ?Under The Tuscan Sun ?movie, making you dream of holidaying if not owning a villa in the Italian country side. Savour Chianti wine and cheese and shop in medieval markets on our International tour packages from Mumbai.

At Mee Time we take an effort to blend the reel and real to bring you a surreal experience, exploring nooks and crannies taking you to all these and more filming locations in our International Tour Packages.

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