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Fine Wine And Cheese Connoisseuses !

Bon Jour Mademoiselles! Mes amies ! Allow Mee to take you on an exclusive cheese and wine trail to Europe on our?international tour packages from Mumbai.?Discovering new cuisines , cooking, music, art, dance ..whatever your passion, we make it happen!

THE FRENCH CONNECTION When it comes to Cheese who else but the French can give you such a consummate experience especially for those women who cherish the pleasures of the stove or those who secretly desire to be a sommelier. There are multifarious places that offer degustation (tastings) as well as tours and wine pairings with experts. The venues are boutiques and fromageries (cheese shops) and the tastings are professionally guided. Visit Paris, the city of dreams with us and enjoy some never before experiences.We usually opt for a morning tour of the Montmartre neighborhood and you meet your culinary guide at either a specialty cheese shop or a patisserie.

The guides are passionate about their country taking you on what is considered to be a Nirvana journey of beautiful Fromageries to see sand sampls varieties of cheese and charcuterie. Learn all about the?Gruy?re,?Camembert, Brei, Emmental, Roquefort and you will be relishing those delicious flavours for days to come! Maybe a good idea to skip breakfast on this day …but then we will also be doing a walking tour of the Montmarte area where you will relive all the romance that Paris is famous for, the quaint Bohemian neighbourhood that inspired famous artists and even today you find many of them painting masterpieces as we go from Moulin Rouge to the Sacre Coeur cathedral.

Fancy in a French culinary holiday? Mee Time takes you on its?international tour packages?where you can indulge in residential cooking courses in vintage countryside farms in Normandy or Alsace. Visit traditional markets, cook lunch, then eat it on the terraces. Afternoons include outings to vineyards, churches and local markets.

Girls, if you are a wine connoisseur, and want to taste the best Sauvignon Blancs, then Mee Time presents this opportunity on their?international tour packages?to the Loire Valley, where you will find the wonderful Sancerre wines. Simply Delicious! Savour the sharp and pear flavors of a good Chenin Blanc ? Loire Valley Special and the wine also has the strength and weight to stand up to the funkier edge of a rich Camembert. And we do take you to be awed by the impressive Chateaux as well!

The raging Red or White debate goes on in your mind. Pairing Italian Cheeses with just the right wines (preferably Italian if possible) is half the fun of planning a wine and cheese party. Mee Time on its?international tour packages?helps you to learn the DNA of grapes and pair it with the right kind of?Italian cheese in the Chianti vineyards of Tuscany. Spend the day on tour of the scenic Tuscan hills, explore a medieval castle villa and the rustic countryside and sample a variety of wines along with olive oil, cheeses, and meats. Grazie mille!

Mee Time also arranges for traditional meals with an Italian family in Florence, for you to mingle with the locals and spend an evening sipping wine and totdine with the warm and vibrant Italian people !?Their delectable Tiramisu is a dessert to remember !

Come back home from every Mee Time?international tour packages?to the French and the Italian country side with an astounding experience in gastronomy and viticulture. Flaunt your cheese and wine winning combinations, impress your friends at your own kitty parties, demonstrate your savoir faire as a wine and cheese Connoisseuses back home, thanks to MeeTime!

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