International Tour Package

I am a girl gone International because

I measure life by countries not years

Stuart Weaver, Professor of History, University of Rochester says a true explorer “Is a traveler who seeks discovery “. He further says exploration typically grows out of the cultural exchange of goods and ideas when two populations meet. This is the essence of International travel; explore the unknown, experience the exclusivity of a foreign land, do things you would never ever imagine doing in the comfort and confines of your heart land.

We at MeeTime Handcrafted Holidays want you to do exactly that take the plunge, take your pick of the international haven from the array of destinations we offer and give vent to your wanderlust. MeeTime guarantees that wanderlust is contagious; you will be back from one trip and will soon have booked your next international tour package with us. We guarantee you won’t have a chance to complain as we are coming out with more International tours packages from Mumbai to offbeat destinations, some introduced on popular demand others coming out of our experience kitty.

Every traveler to an unknown foreign land must exercise common sense and caution but it should not rule out your sense of adventure. We at MeeTime Handcrafted Holidays do exactly that with our International Tour packages. For some of you the definition of adventure is seeking hedonistic pleasure, taking a dip in the Dead Sea, Jordan or bungee jumping in new Zealand.Adventure for someone, is flaunting a bikini tankini, do exactly that on our international tours packages from Mumbai as you would never do that in your country of origin, India. Flaunt a bikini, show off your curves , a little of your love handles too and pose for your best profile picture in the company of likeminded women as you go Island hopping on a tour of Phi Phi islands in Krabi or the Greek islands in Europe.

In every country, tickle your palate and try the local cuisine and wines in the company of other likeminded women. We take you on a foodie trail in Jordan, handpicked by our experts. In Bali, savour the various flavours of Indonesian food. In Naples, when you try that original Napolitano Pizza once and you will forget that you had ever eaten Pizza before! One spoonful of the Tiramisu and gelatos in Tuscany transports you to another world. Culinary adventures and indulging in varied gastronomic delights are synonymous with our international tour packages.

Capture the adventure, the wonder and the legacy that can be experienced on an international tour. Rest your concerns as there others who are sailing in the same boat, yearning for some likeminded company to try out new venues, menus and   agendas. Take the plunge, feel empowered, and indulge in some daredevilry, femalebonding with wonderful women on your next international tour from Mumbai with MeeTime Handcrafted Holidays.

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