Europe is a continent full of so many scintillating options for all the ladies' special tour packages that we offer to our dear MeeTimers!

Bucket list destinations: "We only live once, but once is enough if we do it right." Every country in Europe has some jaw-dropping locations and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Our Europe tours from Mumbai have the right blend of these remarkable locations and some are based around a special theme as well. So if you are a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter fan, watch out for those special tours too.

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Architecture: Ancient churches, majestic castles, grand palaces, historic monuments and museums are all an integral part of European architecture.The charming old towns of Dubrovnik or Prague with its signature steeples and cobblestone streets are a sheer delight to explore on walking tours of Europe. We also take you to some unique places that are off the tourist trail so you can mingle with the locals and admire the the typical country houses and medieval buildings in these offbeat locations.

Cuisine: A continent that displays an assortment of food and multitude of flavors for every palate! Our Europe tour packages from Mumbai include unique gastronomic experiences that you would have missed otherwise! The original Napolitano pizza totally different from the pizza you have eaten before.The ambience of the cozy cafes handpicked for our special ladies is what we would like you to savor on a Mee Time tour. Fancy a cooking class? We could arrange that’s as well so that you can take back some of these culinary skills with you.

Best of Nature: The most spectacular landscapes can be found in Europe, ranging from snow covered mountains, pristine river valleys to stunning coasts and islands.Away from the daily hustle and bustle of your lives, these close encounters with nature can be the most rejuvenating part of our Europe tour packages that take you to the Amalfi coast or Norwegian fords.We can offer easy hikes, boat cruises and cycling trips to enhance that experience. 

Fashion and Shopping: Europe is definitely the trendsetter in fashion and when we handcraft our Europe tour packages, we have added this new dimension to shopping that you have to yet discover. Local craftsmen display their wares with are unique to each country. From ceramic pottery to linen clothes, hand woven shawls and sandals, we take our women on some extraordinary escapades.Indulge in shopping to your hearts content as there is no-one stopping you!

Spas and Relaxation: When you are travelling on a Mee Time tour, we would like you to unwind and relax in the company of your gang of girls.Pamper yourself with a luxurious spa experience and unlock a world of treats for yourself. The geothermal spa of the Blue lagoon,Iceland or thermal baths of Budapest await you at the end of these Europe tour packages from Mumbai for the ultimate rejuvenation therapy.

Local experiences: Vineyards and cheese making tours, liquor tasting, pastry and artisan shop visits and many more such experiences that would truly appeal to women are an integral partof our Europe tours. Our knowledgeable guides are enthusiastic to answer all your questions and make your travel experience truly memorable.

Art: Through the ages,art in Europe has evolved from the Greco-Roman influences to the Renaissance period of the 15th century, Baroque period of the 17th Century,impressionists of the 19th century to the Contemporary art.Our Europe tour from Mumbai would take you on a magical journey to the best places, museums and art galleries showcasing these various forms of art.

Culture: Europe is by far the most perfect destination to experience varieties of culture.Sway with traditional dancers in Konavle village of Croatia, the vibrant Flamenco in Spain or table dancing in the taverns of Greece.Get out those dancing shoes on our Europe tours and dance away your blues ! We also strongly recommend Mozart music concerts in Vienna or dance shows in Paris.

Festivals: Every country has its own special and sometimes peculiar festivals like the Tomatina in Spain or the Octoberfest in Munich (Why should men have all the fun?).We strive to design our Europe tour from Mumbai in such a way so that women can experience these joie de vivre moments.

So seize the moment and embark on these journeys with us, friends!

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