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Tantalizing Turkey - Tour
  • Attaturk Airport, Istanbul
  • 7 Nights 8 Days

Tantalizing Turkey

₹ 62,000

7N/8D Group trip of Turkey from 5th May 2020 Land Package @INR 62,000/- p.p. with Travel insurance VISA charges are extra @*INR 4000/-approx  Airfare Ex Mumbai extra  @*INR 34000/-approx.  Airfare, VISA assistance will be provided if needed. Total Price with Airfare is approx. *INR 100,000/-per pax. Ex- Mumbai  Istanbul’s history encompasses three major civilizations of the ancient world: Roman, Greek, and Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. And, all that history is visible on almost every street corner with modern buildings built on top of ancient ruins and remnants of ancient walls lining today’s streets.The Bosporus, a waterway famed in the ancient world, provides the backdrop to all that makes Istanbul Istanbul–exotic, Eastern and yet Western, a magical skyline. Pamukkale, famous for its healing thermal mineral waters, and beautiful snow-white petrified pools and waterfalls; a walk among the ruins of Hieropolis, now famous for its wellpreserved Necropolis.Ephesus is one of the Western world’s finest examples of a classical ancient city.Originally a Greek city, built in 1000BC, it became a center for the worship of Cybele, Cappadocia’s landscape is hard to describe in physical terms. It’s often been described as a moonscape, so unusual with its conical rock outcrops, called fairy chimneys. It is also home to churches and chapels carved into the rocks,Get your own SLR's and succumb to the sights and sounds of this vibrant country which was the seat of the Ottoman Empire!

Mee Time In The Mountains - Leh Ladakh Women's Special - Tour
  • Leh
  • 6 Nights 7 Days

Mee Time In The Mountains - Leh Ladakh Women's Special

₹ 58,000

The journey to Ladakh is a road trip of a lifetime offers some of the most beautiful sceneries with clear blue skies, snowy white clouds and mesmerizing  mountains that get bare and beautiful as you ascend higher and higher. Mountains of varied hues – yellow, brown, purple, magenta rise to gigantic heights surrounding the plateau around Leh. These colors seen never before are so unique that they leave an unforgetable effect at every bend and  will make you come back again to Ladakh. The lakes in this Buddhist land look ethereal as they reflects the rocks, mountains and sky on its clear surface. Buddhist Chortens and prayer wheels greet you everywhere you go and give the landscape a very peaceful aura.The red, white, blue , green and yellow prayer flags greet you wherever you go and protect you from the forces of nature. Our Special Ladakh tour from Mumbai takes you to all these unique places : Lamayuru Monastery is one of the largest and oldest gompas in Ladakh located on the Srinagar Leh Highway. It has a population of around 150 permanent resident monks. Lamayuru is famous for moon like landscape similar to lunar terrain.  Nubra valley (10,000 feet ),where the rivers, Shyok and Siachan separates Ladakh from the Karakoram Ranges . The famous Siachen Glacier lies to the north of this valley. It is a cold desert with sand dunes lined by Poplar trees and Apple and Apricot orchards  The Silk route traders passed through here in olden days on their extraordinarytrans-Himalayan trade and its imprints can be seen even today.  Pangong Lake also known as Pangong Tso is a beautiful endorheic lake situated in the Himalayas and is 134 km long, extending from India to China. The reason it is so popular is the fact that it keeps changing colors throughout the day revealing the most fascinating shades of blue !  Ladakh :God's own palette:The melting of  glaciers into rivulets form patterns on the jagged mountains and erosion by the wind etches rock formations with an interplay of sunlight and shadows. We have also added a different culinary experience of Ladakhi and Tibetian cuisine as well as cafes and shopping in the local Market of Leh  in our ladies special Ladakh tour packages


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