Solo Women who want to travel the world!

Guess what the Most Frequently asked Question to Mee Time is? 

I am travelling solo but i want a group at my time, at my desired place and with my kind of people, can you arrange it for me? 

Sounds like a Tall Order? Well, it is!

Can Mee Time help? 

Of course! 

Mee Time is to the woman, by the woman and  for the woman! So we HAVE to help! 

That is the Raison D'etre for Mee Time, our Its our Ikigai! 

So don't worry about not having a partner to travel with.We will fit you into a group that cool, safe, friendly, in your budget and going to the same places and we will also add a few extra activities that you can do which the group will not! 

We will handhold you through the booking of course but also be connected to you throughout your entire trip! 

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