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  • Praha 6, Czechia
  • 8 Nights 9 Days


₹ 90,000

  JAB HARRY MET SEJAL EXPERIENCE 5 OF THE MOST STUNNING COUNTRIES OF EUROPE!  CZECH REPUBLIC- GERMANY-AUSTRIA-HUNGARY- SLOVAKIA-PRAGUE PRAGUE- CAPITAL OF CZECH REPUBLIC  The MOST beautiful city in the world where entire Towns have been included in the World Heritage List! MUNICH - Bavaria, Germany  This beautiful city in Bavaria, German is where high-tech cars, edgy art and Lederhosen -traditional and modern sit side by side like few places on earth. INNSBRUCK - Alps in  Austria  Innsbruck has everything a lively, vibrant city needs, and yet it is just a ten-minute journey into the high mountains which dominate the skyline. KITZBUHEL- Ski Town in Austria Kitzbühel  is a medieval town situated in the Kitzbuhel Alps along the river Kitzbüheler Ache in Tyrol, Austria.  SALZBURG - Most beautiful Alpine Valley in Austria  A unique combination of scenic Alpine landscape and architectural richness has led to Salzburg’s reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful cities competing neck to neck with PRAGUE! VIENNA - CAPITAL OF AUSTRIA The Austrian capital embraces all the traditions of a European city, from Roman foundations through to Gothic, Baroque and Historicism.  BUDAPEST- CAPITAL OF HUNGARY Budapest – also called as the Paris of the East, is another beauty situated on the banks of the Danube. The city actually consists of three cities:Has many World Heritage Sites!   BRATISLAVA- CAPITAL OF SLOVAKIA Slovakia's capital since the country's independence in 1993, Bratislava is a mosaic of illustrious history: a medieval and Gothic old town, baroque palaces commissioned by Hungarian nobles, and the crowning castle, rebuilt to Renaissance finery. Slicing through the city are stark-angled, communist-era blocks and a futurist bridge.   PRAGUE - THIS RETURN JOURNEY MAKES ECONOMICAL ROUNDTRIP AIRFARES APPLICABLE    HOTELS : 4 STAR OR 3 STAR DELUXE HOTELS OR A COMBINATION OF THESE  Prague : HOLIDAY INN PRAGUE CONGRESS CENTRE****/PANORAMA HOTEL PRAGUE**** or SIMILAR Innsbruck : ALPHOTEL INNSBRUCK****/DOLLINGER***/HWEST HALL*** or SIMILAR  Kitsbuhel: KAISERHOTEL NEUWIRT***/KAISERHOTEL KITZBUHLER ALPEN*** or SIMILAR  Vienna : AUSTRIA TREND ANANAS****/SENATOR VIENNA**** or SIMILAR  Budapest :  HOTEL PARK INN BY RADISSON BUDAPEST**** or SIMILAR       

Tantalizing Turkey - Tour
  • Attaturk Airport, Istanbul
  • 7 Nights 8 Days

Tantalizing Turkey

₹ 70,000

  Destinations: Istanbul, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Cappadocia Istanbul’s history encompasses three major civilizations of the ancient world: Roman, Greek, and Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. And, all that history is visible on almost every street corner with modern buildings built on top of ancient ruins and remnants of ancient walls lining today’s streets. The Bosporus, a waterway famed in the ancient world, provides the backdrop to all that makes Istanbul Istanbul–exotic, Eastern and yet Western, a magical skyline. Pamukkale, famous for its healing thermal mineral waters, and beautiful snow-white petrified pools and waterfalls; a walk among the ruins of Hieropolis, now famous for its wellpreserved Necropolis. Ephesus is one of the Western world’s finest examples of a classical ancient city.Originally a Greek city, built in 1000BC, it became a center for the worship of Cybele, the Anatolian Mother Goddess. The ruins of today date from the 4th century BC and the city founded by Lysimachus, successor to Alexander the Great. However, it was under the Romans that Ephesus became a major port on the Aegean. Ephesus played an important role in the spread of Christianity, as two great Councils of the early church were held here, in AD 431 and 449. Cappadocia’s landscape is hard to describe in physical terms. It’s often been described as a moonscape, so unusual with its conical rock outcrops, called fairy chimneys. It is also home to churches and chapels carved into the rocks, many decorated with extraordinary frescoes, and extensive underground cities, built to protect the early Christian inhabitants from invaders. A local guide will add special touches and anecdotes to this trip. Get your own SLR's and succumb to the sights and sounds of this vibrant country which was the seat of the Ottoman Empire!!

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